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Cesare Sacchetti

The EU is turning Italy into a totalitarian regime


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by Cesare Sacchetti (@CesareSacchetti)

If anyone in these days were to walk in the deserted streets of Italy without knowing what has happened so far, maybe they would rightly end up thinking that a sort of nuclear war had broke out in the country.

People in Italy have awoken the day after the lockdown decree to find themselves in a de facto martial law.

If people now wish to organize a conference about the incoming approval of the new ESM, or if they’d like to protest on the streets against the effects of this devastating financial instrument, it is now impossible to do so.

The ESM, as explained by several economists, will lead to an automatic haircut of the Italian public debt which will involve a major destruction of the Italian savings.

Whether or not one thinks that this crisis is intentional, it doesn’t change the fact that as of this moment the dissent against it or the Conte’s government is banned.

While the coronavirus crisis is inflated as much as possible by the mainstream media, 27 revolts in 27 Italian jails have erupted.

Italy finds itself in a destabilizing vortex of events that hardly seem coincidental.

After the inmates have started revolting for the alleged fear of getting infected by the virus, the more progressive organization of the Italian judges, Magistratura Democratica, promptly asked for the anticipated early release of the convicted criminals.

Why all this rush? In a democratic society, the first thought of the judicial system before an event like this would be to investigate who instigated and coordinated these revolts.

It indeed appears improbable that 27 revolts had broken out contemporarily without any coordination.

But the system doesn’t seem to be interested in this investigatory effort. “Let’s free them”. These were the first words pronounced by the progressive judges.

Within the span of 3 days, the Eurogroup will hold a meeting in which it will probably definitely approve the ESM.

But for now the attention of the Italians is completely absorbed by the coronavirus crisis and the jail revolts, therefore this destabilization is providential to distract from this incoming major financial coup.

The EU was conceived to enforce a dictatorship

Who’s stoking up the fears of the Italian public and who wants to take advantage of this chaos?

The coronavirus crisis could be the perfect pretext for the EU establishment to implement a technocratic government led by Mario Draghi.

Italy is running toward the complete enforcement of a police State as a direct consequence of its membership to the EU institutions.

By joining the euro and the UE, Italy has transferred its sovereign prerogatives to an unelected organization.

This organization is not managed by people who want to pursue the best interests of the European people.

On the contrary, the EU has a complete different mission. Brussels’ agenda is to dismantle every trace of European identity and to economically annihilate the member States, especially the Southern European countries.

The EU institutions embrace nothing which resemble democratic values. The EU Parliament is the only parliament in the world which can’t make laws.

The European central bank which issues the euro is not controlled by the EU Parliament and its mandate is neither to assure full employment nor to ensure the economic prosperity of the Europeans.

Its mandate is to guarantee a low inflation, which is essential for the profits of the financial rentiers.

Such a system is simply incompatible with the rights of the workers.

In order to assure the benefits of the latter, you should dismantle the former.

But Brussels has shown no intentions to change its course so far.

Instead, it’s strictly following the recommendations of JP Morgan, which suggested the dismantling of the European democratic constitutions.

By borrowing the words of the French banker and Bilderberg fellow Jacques Attali, the euro wasn’t “conceived for the happiness of the European rabble”.

It was conceived indeed as a way to lower the salaries and increase the profits of the mercantilist elites.

Therefore the last step of this organization is to sanction any form of dissent.

The EU is unfolding its true face, which is the one of a totalitarian regime.

Hence why the system is asking for the liberation of the convicted population.

These criminals along with the illegal immigrants, which are 500,000 in Italy, could soon be recruited by the regime to form a militia which could be unleashed against the Italian dissidents.

The hypothesis is not so farfetched if we consider some facts.

Who could imagine that Italy, once the fourth largest economy of the world, would have been reduced to become as one of the weakest economies of Europe?

Who could imagine that Italy would host on its territory half million of illegal migrants whose identity is unknown?

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This regime wants the complete demolition of Italy and the other European countries, because it needs that in order to replace the real heart of Europe, Rome and Athens, with a false one, headquartered in Brussels, composed by non-European people.

Once Italy will probably approve the new ESM, it will pass the point of no return.

The Italians who will want to oppose this coup, they can’t because of the banning of public gatherings.

Therefore the violent repression of the democratic dissent is the last step of the EU regime.

Democracy and free speech can’t exist in such an organization.

The Italian people are about to face an unprecedented wave of violence. The “European dream” which should have delivered peace and prosperity was a lie.

The European dream has nothing of European about it and it will bring a civil war in Italy in order to complete the destruction of this country.

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  1. Marino

    Unfortunately, this good-natured policy towards illegal immigrants who are hosted by coops and Caritas to increase their earnings will be paid for by all Italians. We have thrown away 40 billion to accommodate people who were throwing away their documents and of whom we know nothing about, they can be criminals, murderers, terrorists, instead of building hospitals or equipping them with adequate equipment in case of epidemics like the one in course. It is high time that our governments thought about the Italians and their needs before they devoted themselves to illegal immigrants or those who are in prison and who promote riots to be freed. Foreign prisoners should all be sent back to their countries of origin, while the social centres that have promoted these insurgencies must be dismantled and their members sent to forced labour in order not to cause harm to the country, if we want Italy to can start again and resume the path to prosperity. Of course, in order to do so, we must reappropriate our monetary, economic and fiscal independence, and we must detach ourselves from the euro.



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